Hello audience. I am blocked. So here I’m writing for THE FIRST TIME in 6 months…….. “Title Only”……. Achtung. American religion AR is a cloister of cults with members in the 10s of millions. AHA has won legal decisions against State schools forcing students to go to church programs in the South. Now is the time to strip tax exempt status from all churches. Thats difficult. So the benefit for all is more taxes back for all and less abuse of children psychologically and sexually as organizations with repute dominate. I suggest IRS audit ALL NON DENOMINATIONAL CHURCHES HARD. If you’ve noticed Joel’s sportscars you know religion is money. Deity is not in AR, its inside and its a fire… A fire burning the lie that if you were abused in a church YOU need to not believe in their God. That fire is of deity and is bigger, Humanist and atheist and all-people friendly. It WILL burn AR to the ground and in time all cult abusers will die. Have a nice day. Have a great life. I hope you feel the uplift…


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