I made the request, in case any hacker was listening, to disable internet from my phone-and got the disconnect for free

I MISS having just a phone

I used to just buy swimsuit magazines and maybe now I can go back to 1985.

Eat your heart out, jealous people



Pacific Civil Arts

het- it’s me

-Han Solo

i dunno but I think I coined civil arts as less-than lethal down to manipulate events by body movements

anyone else do civil arts? The HEART of good policing and civilian behavior- police yourself!

of course someone else does X11,000,000+… IDK

i get to crosswalks and feign interests to move cars. It works on people. People drive cars. This alleviates anger and PTSD for me. Comfortable but awkward


Amma, Is That You

Ninja onlinnnnnne!!!

heck yes

First, I am a para-Mage. The other is next to me. Two in a body. JC33 and me in the AD


How about a story? Yay!! Based on a true…

Ziphod And Darjerling Castle

Ziphod finished his farming, took his bag and walked to Zandu’s hut. There convened in 670 AD the Circle of Shamlan, a ninpo family. Kari, 16. Fu Nan, 23. Daoscheole Wu, 163. Din Nat Mau, 45. The four pronged trident of the Kayakajutsu Ku Klan. (don’t poke fun. They were #1).

King Zlarsch Mauladar ruled with tyranny in those days. He tied KITTENS tail to tail for CAT CHUCKS. Messy business. He never bathed. Ate cow meat raw. Voted Republican (for himself). Now as I dip into the story of the red weeded forest, take HEED- I mean to represent ninpo as a non-ninpo po-po supporting herbalist-concoctionist with care. IOW “make shit up”.

Kari and Fu guarded before the guards, shooting bystanders with Dexter-darts. No kill. Just sleepy. Din chose to play the guitar at home. Someone HAS TO WATCH RYU TEMPLE!!! AUGGGHHH!!!! Quite.

Enter Wu

Wu came thru the guard sideways, flat like a mirror, they saw eachother as the self, freaked OUT and ran. Woosies!!! AUGGGHHH!!!

So there were 186 more guards. Defeating 176, this left TEN RED ROBED Imperial guard before the evil Empire King room. Not to worry. Wu had been drinking fire-water and pissed on the curtains and the silver foxes that roamed the halls. He lit a match.


Flames 1000x higher than Thich Quack Duck’s hot dream RENOVATED THE INTERIOR!

Wu made the signal:

“Caw! Macaw!”

Kari and Fu fled.

just then, Din came up the road in horse and buggy, reigning with his toes two Pygmy double-headed work-horses. Wait- TRIPLE headed. No. Whatever.

Mr. Mau jumped thru the air! Over bushes! High in the sky! Small bushes. Two foot jump. C’mon, really now. No need to go Hollywood- and they escaped.

into the night in their grey sackcloth pajamas and combat boots. No slippers- they came in like- BOOM.

The castle flamed BLUE, higher and higher, stones falling with explosions.

The red guard were caught! Playing ice chunk Shinto games, running like babies.

King Zlarch exited, immolating, drew two swords and began doing Gangdum style dance. King Zlarsch so evil that he’s pure. And EVIL! Never dying.

He slipped on a piece of ninjalint, fell off a cliff on fire and THEN he died. People ALWAYS SCREW THAT PART UP!

Kittens were saved. Foxes were taken to clinics for burns and adopted out. Handsome maidens of glorious beauty offered kisses to Wu. He accepted! It’s easy to get panub lovin’ when you are the man! Do not SAY OLD! He will throw a ninja ball at you with chain (police listening? #StopTheViolence God bless) and he will CAPTURE you. But not kill. Then tickle you for information like where is your water source u know Art of War rules. Some people need a reaping. That is a sacred matter.

But LOOK MAN. Cats saved! Ninpo are to be fear-respected as guardians in stealth- not dice slicers. Moral of the story there is none.

hope you liked it. Time for me to teleportation













WHOA. I’m here! How? What?



Mountain Bridal Mages

Pacific Civil Arts NW

COUNT: ???

a-15:44 -081316 aO1