he is not apolloyon


Balznodihk (Pronounced “Ballz-No-Dick”), is a living agent NOW in the world, watching and burning incense to his god “Adi”. What he watches is the trends and extremes of sexual behavior against children. Flung from Heaven’s mean Tesla light, he was born male. Then at the age of 14, his STAMEN fell off.

Like a sword, he was hammered, fired, cooled, hammered, fired, licked clean by seven nymphs of sea, fire, pain, immolation and joy. Joy is important.

While his gender is now “U”- “unsex” and he has no function like a eunuch, his gesticles are full of Titan Tesla rhohadisch slayer power. ABSTAINING EVEN FURTHER, he does no violence.

Why does he hold the office of child protector?? If he cannot act?? Because- he oversees guardian angels and wanna-be slayer fodder like the goofy “avenging angel” of Alaska THIS WEEK


Balznodihk is anatomically male, physiologically in the physique has only balls and ureter. He like McDonald’s

And Coca-Cola

And he called the C IA begging them to clean up Anchorage before sloppy Dexters do- victims of sex abuse make sloppy sad avengers and sadly go to prison. Not so sad tho because they chose the ax.


What the heck?

Is everybody suppose to address this?

We are NOT all one human family

there is not equity except by fire

.   I’m sitting in the library and a kid, 7 he is reading a funny book and laughing. Some adults are turning to shush. Probably jealous and probably have to turn their vibrators up to “31” to get the same joy for 2 seconds. In hell


a-14:26 07 31 16 ack!


The Racecard Is Not A Trump Card


Beautiful Ivory Dorky Young Lady


white desecrater of chopsticks in hair


I am Euro-Asian. Middle East Euromutt. I’m ALL races and just 1.5% Afro-ebonic. Everyone hates me. Equally.

Fuck all of you.

Keep f***-ing until we are the God blend that I am

Stop nothing

Keep crying “Race” hahahahhh

Its so funny to watch sincere faces fight for RACES that do not have a base

God’s face is what color? BLUE! Yes! It is. Sad that you exist like you do, making drama

Drama is fake. Reality is real. Do your neighbors think you are a bitchasshole? THEN you got a problem

mourn, wail. Repent, don’t be a dick

keep moving

have a nice day

@FBIAnchorage, @CIA

Saran Wrap vs. cellophane?

Anchorage is a national security threat hot bed- activities of vigilante revenge killers and Cambodian pornographers both cry “infidel”. Long term prison vs reformed medulla oblongata neurogenesis to undetectable mini stroke by waterless water board.


No bad dreams, America

We are our own worst fear


Warning: Fair warning to those traveling out of the USA and back- if you think TSA touches your ass and your front-junk, GOD can twist your brain via AGENT SMITH. It might even be a pretty blonde 5’3″ with a smile asking where’s the nearest gas station ((((BAM)))) her partner puts animal tranquilizer in your inner thigh. You do not die. You do not.

You wake, strapped in a cabin. plastic wrap- to catch your blood? The girl is back… Shows pictures of your Cambodian pornography victims, points to the ones who are dead now. Your penitent being is required for extraction. Cellophane it is! Sorry, Son, says Abraham from Heaven. You are in Hell. What hope? What hope is there?

It’s a Siberian style CIA-co-op training camp. Just North of North Korea… Russia. You will be interrogated Lang Lang style. Citizenship revoked. Officially, you died drowning trying to save a puppy. People laugh when they hear it. Somehow it makes no sense. Your fishing buddies begin to fear it.

Then Alaska, state of ding dongs, is voted out of the Union. A TSA BURDEN. An inlet of the likes of worse-than-ISIS. At least ISIS only shoot and kill very infrequently. Alaskan dogs worship Molech the Detestable God. Kill them? No no. No no no no no no. Sent them to Jarius’s Hell depths

let God sort them out

mercy is up

this post dedicated to my Momma

-A’07/30/2016 07:58am

Real vengeance is God’s and excruciatingly silent and painful. Some of the elders say, “Here I am, let there be instruments of wrath.”

#Sulphur joy bowl

#Repent of touching children or fry

# Apollyonic Angels are not human

I Want To Go On


I have about this much left inside

If I talk about want to SEE God, even christians think I’m crazy

I did not say Sui-cide

I’m sick of being sick

I know 101 of hastening my flesh falling apart

So far, the red-meat diet is awesome

Doctors refuse pain killers

Like an 80 year old in pain, I had DM robotussin to forget the pain

I told my wife GET INSURANCE ON ME

she does w/e

Is this a joke???

so I do a Wu Yi:

Our Father in Heaven


Help me to be free

Father I hate my flesh body

What point of this Pain?

Take me home

Guide me to live well until then

Cant wait to meet you

Scared a little

How could you love me?

What is this life for?

I have 3-4 friends I see sparsely

A wife who is over-fatigued and disabled caring for this lump I am

I don’t want to CO, hang, run into a bus (again)- no one sees?

You see my heart and fields of gold are ours

Salvaging of all the world, peoples

I have nothing for pain

TV Is broke hahahahahhhh


dont read my prayer

deathwish for my flesh


a-01:22am pst 7/30/16

Police Move Omega 01


PD- you have to wear chest cameras. If you are surrounded I propose 2 po hug… Draw their .50cal… Spin

this eliminates a recording


spins and fire

I think it works better to have a guy/lady popo ninpo combo. It’s also a way to feel unalone

the name of this move is Romeo Y Julieta named after the falling citizen man & woman who died TOGETHER in WTC 2001

I like cops

yous look like a Boba Fett army

i don’t get my flag up the pole so don’t misread my excitement

im excited you RISK so I say you gots love- or you are nuts

One local po he said do I want a ride to the Happy Valley Mental clinic. Jesus Christ! My saviour. Actually it was a red haid police lady and I have a feeling she likes me and just wanted to go for a ride

im married, but frisking is not a problem. She just wanted a ride! Damn! I want a hug. Big! Big hug

Succubus with a badge, high restraint- hey hey hey- you use a sister as bait??? Nice job. She’s bad ass

And the others smile. Oh god. I love it. You probably smell like your deodorant can’t keep up- I don’t give a shit

no cavity check please.

It’s true love

howvdo you know

when it’s love?

hey hey

In person I HATE myself

I am respectful

i know you live OUT THERE

I am smart……

some popo have FB

i can see a lot-

real lives, your kids, spouses-

my dad worked with police PTSD in 1980s

He gave MDMA Zoloft stuff to people

you? IDK

I’d suggest, as educated empirically by DAD:

drink tea like Bushido Samurai

Switch it up with Saké

Eat healthy

See you police counselor

Get the best clergy

Married or single- chaste makes no loose ends, FAITHfulness makes no regrets (re: po Sui rate I’ve read is officer is yelled at at home, drinks and shoots and the end. WHAT BURDEN YOU HAVE- no easy answer.

I called Tennessee and talked to officer Whispers. So strong, sweet. She was having a cold so I say I pray and the Lord bless you. She was happy for that

i do almost nothing

When people go CLUBBING at dance hall disco and stuff, do we not all hail the BOUNCER?

out and about, police- popo- is BOUNCER

half the bounced on TV could have it worse

i have a blood condition where I don’t want to live. Consider my words as if they were God’s. I’m dead yet alive

i would gladly be your ACCIDENT bullet. I have heaven to see. NOT ON PURPOSE. Any oopsie bullet in my book is a ticket to inevitable dust to dust. Not bad but good. Even accidents. YOU are not off your hook- it feels so weird I bet to shoot/reap stop a body, bad, good- procedure.

new procedure WILL come. YOU are the law, not State writings as wise as they are. Even Bible has no power, but Spirit. This is extention of Cross power of 33AD





i’ll tell you what more

8 in Texas

Espiritu Sanctum

Sanctu Requiem

you were called/ chose line of daily death risk

At the end, that is hardly death

The invisible spirit that makes us each day, to move, boogie, smile, yell “get down now!” Is God’s

i pray for police redo in procedure

You- maybe pray for race relations at home

I believe in police PEOPLE

YOU may be terrible. Isn’t God?

terrible is a wire brush scraping the concrete clean

all people are: terrible, beautiful


I have Gift of Fear, black belt with no healthy body to use it, severe thoughts, and my love life is fierocity for my West Coast in speech, action, reputation (what’s left) and I joke a little

I have notes on suicide ideation that no help line gets. Truth- I quit legal DXM addiction and stopped driving my mustang in 2013. I was at 1200mg/day and have brain-uh damage-uh. I’d be WALKING, Have a stone pass in my brain and not fall

then I’d float at FloatOn, dosed

Now I do Wu Yi, Wu Wei and do

4-4-4-4-breathing and Ranger breathing… Inhale max, slow exhale over 30 sec used by Rangers who had to shoot in the 1990s 13-year old men

I never had to end anybody. Always been sick. But possessed people tortured me. When I don’t want to live, I laugh!- that means I become like Lady MacBeth unsexed disphoric & reinvent my week

its harder for police

Always supervised

I am police you know. Did you know? Not retired. Won’t LIE. But I police MYSELF.

that’s ALL

IF PEEPS POPO-Ed them self, would we have so much death? NO. So I rock. If I DO, people should copy that

People want sex offenders dead. All cases DIFFER. What if a new agency did PO & if that’s not working, Feds do discipline in power & wisdom

americans are too forceful & violent. How is it they condemn cops and watch Die Hard and Dexter and say Yayyy!??

Weird country


Pair o’ D


Oh man. People say you cannot say PC words BULL SHIT!! I have a condition- WRS


SERIOUSLY, I walk and I speak and my words come out in possessive form, but the women like me. They want me to do that thing I do

It’s not a disability. It’s a nipple softener, designed to make love in speech after the freezer aisle- shopping at Winn Dixie…

my Sensei Landers Zander taught my how to be a walking talking Symbian en voz

I am shy, so I do “little boy” voices. Zander does “Grandma voices”. Together we are the Sith Salvation for bored housewives. Although skilled in massage, song, Feng Sutra, Twilight out-of-body Eros mystification, we just play stupid

at Safeways, Vons, TacoDelMar

its not a misdemeanor

its yum yum lady love joy

check out my YouTube channel for female police:

“Incubus Gone Right” by LadyLucker68

it was never there for anything but to make lady heroes feel snugly after a shitty day with human dingbats

one more thing: love me

And WestcCoast PD, you broo-towel sons & daughters of guns at BLUE Twilight…


a-23:56pm PST 7/29/16