2020 A.D.- Police State? How To Prep A Non-Cop

Hi. Shocking title. Are there back-up plans for a temporary police state. I’d say “Yes.” There are written protocols in case society goes South and unruly. What about YOU?

I’m not a policeman. I imitate effective survival behaviors from men and women TOO in law enforcement. I’ve been hunted by baddies. ALWAYS treated appropriate by the goody fuzz. Even thug shields. I especially love them in a Yeshua way because they are challenged in a great way. So I have a non-cop protocol for YOU, if you think in PEACE EXTREMES.

I do this out of present tense and future tense application to review all police action and FIND the good and fact-find the bad, ie civilian-shot-down mishaps. If you are Mother, do you admit and roll in your worst parenting, or silently be in penance to your God and continue?

“Oops I shot someone”- is more a non-cop thought! If you review a high authority, realize they are predominantly 99% controlled in action and the Bible would say close to God, but not God. Part of the 99%? They guard places like businesses and banks that THE Ninety-nine percent NEED.

In case of police state (new rules) I suggest:

-Be in shape now

-Honestly express thanks to cops

-Overlook civilian deaths if you do not know a victim

-If you know a victim, you loved them. Hold the parties responsible accountable! Bless your enemy and it will be as hot coals on their head. Says God: It’s mine to avenge.

-Know that in a police state scenario, even possible in the USA, God establishes Order Keepers in the chaos- including maybe YOU

-The best base for policing is watchfulness and controlled mind. No weapon

-After watching, is position. Where are you and yours?

-Physical training, even of someone disabled, is to FIND your best move

-Best move is best evasion, disappearance and disregard for hot situations

– Never let others see you upset, don’t say FUCK YOU in the street- never touch a stranger unless touched

-Listen for the hallowed, wisdom, spirit of actions that loves all material bodies

-Remember, if you do not enjoy human behavior, you may like your cat or dog. Do they worry?


If you are truly right, not easily angered, buy an A1M1 tank and paint it orange. Stock with fo shells, and be a crazy distraction to make us laugh if in civil war.


War is never civil except in paintball. No, not even then.

Choose a bunch of martial arts and practice non-injurious sweeping and to OUT-DO that, watch and seek the light ONLY. Avoid squirrels public AND domestic stuff

Get to know officers personally and be KIND- Chances are they will know you in 2020 & RESPECT YOU and tell newer police “Joe and Jane Schumaker are A-OK.”

If no police state, we all win


Why would there be a police state? What climate produces this? “Civil unrest producing warring citizens- it disowns ALL of us as citizens.” Watch. These trends are predictable and maybe prophesied to come to pass in this lifetime.

Fear God, Obey His Commands-

Full duty of Man


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