Daddy, don’t you see me?


Unoccupied Earth

∆ – ° ° ° – ∆

Rain- coming this way

Drops slowly soak me

As I do not move

I asked to feel something

Bigger… than me

So I stayed a solid rock

Then I began to shake

It was cold


An order to things

I was told heaven is real

I do not need proof

How much of it is here, anyway?

Love, charity

The ability to suffer through the day

Is love

The same love that knitted the embryo me

The same love that helps me breathe

The same charity wherein I give

All I have is a clay body in which to live

Its falling

Like a book off a shelf in heaven

Here I am plain & boring

I guess

Can I rewrite reality itself?

Wouldn’t that be super?

I wait

I wait out this day

All the doors to homes are closed

Why do I hurt nonstop?

I want to wait for a move

Maybe tomorrow

The land will turn around me

I will see without seeing

I will make my way

To an unknown

An unknown called “Home”


Conceived below stars

Living and had lived

Filled with resurrection powers


Did not stay dead

If he will appear

If only he will appear

If he is now near

He keeps me from losing heart

And blaming myself

I am not the one

To say I am fit to be a servant & saint

He calls me


I believe

In Our Father Holy Is Your Name

Turn the page

Under abundance of personnel

In a divorced family

Who is to take a side?

Who will leave them all behind?

Is there any repair

For what started just

Years ago?

Is this the end?

For myself, maybe

I’m just an uncle

No one knows my name


I am thinking

Words do not describe

All the pain of the knife

Its not my life

Yet I lost 5 people

I won’t repeat this

No ordinary life

Super Racy Love Story

Bruce met Marlene after school at his car. It was a limo actually. So he drove her from the Valley to the river gorge. There are no cell phones in this story. Fuck that shit. Also, for the remainder of the story, my lineage is Scottish, Zulu, Pigmy and Ninja.

So the guy said, “I want to see your body, Marlene.”

She took him very literally and methodicly cut herself up into pieces. The guy yelled:

“Stop! Are you a robot?” She smiled and nodded yes. He still tried to find her robot boobs and ass, but her protocol was to taze him.


So everyone is left lonely, trying to poke their WHAMMO in people. I say WHAMMO stay at home, in pants. One needs courage, not ball count.

So I choose to hold two paths and walk as one, broad road traveler sees destruction. Eyes on the prize find sanctuary.

Horrific pain

No cure

I have money, time, health

Immobile due to moving .25 million parcels at UPS. MY L4 & L5 & SI are screwed. I was underpaid & over yelled at. It was fun. Much of my life is over. UPS- no walking, traveling, only MD appts. I’m 42. Aged 20- 24 did UPS for America. Paid just above fast food wage.

Sometimes I hurt so bad I think I don’t matter- I disassociate. Pain meds could unleash suicide attempt MDs say. I’ll accept full responsibility.

I refused to take Amlift, the dextromethorphan drug, rather refused for trial. Amlift for fibro is Robotusin DM, one spoon per day

So you see, people are sheep with pharmacy control. Are those people with a good conscience? I don’t want to be euthanized. I’m in such pain- euthanasia means I CHOOSE to die. I’m gonna let this blackberry get sweet and…

Slide right off the thorny monster

Devil Threads My Brain


Some force of weariness

Death angels scream in my body “Defeat, defeat”

Knowing my feet hurt

The Lord rebuke them

May, eloquently, each of us lie

And act

Made in the image of God

Where there is


There must also be Reality- God everywhere. Who knows? Maybe he’s a nanoelectric being- invisible

Bridging Thanatos

Jimmy’s Grandma

Nana was a bitch

She drank gin WARM

Spat some on weeds to kill em

Smoked cigars, chewed

No cigarettes- “Those are for whores and GIs”

Grandpa poked away in Korea, I guess. We adopted my half-sister “Unlegite”.

No. That’s her name!

” Oon Lay Zheedt”. Korean for “Thanks for carpet bombing my family, but you have satellite TV. My mom in Korea waterboarded me when we had swim class. She wanted me to be a US SEAL. So I am. I make a killing.

Grandma says to Jimmy:

You smell like shit with sugar. Time to hose you off.

No… I’ll throw up. Go to the neighbors pool.

For now, stay outside with the dog.

I don’t like kids. No, I DO. Just not you poop killers

Its like Jar Jar and a murdering child of whoredom. Why does God hate me? He sent them, poopie and Gunnar to prove

Kill me now!

(CH 32 satellite rigged with tac nuke explosives lands in the neighborhood POOL




ARE standing too close!!

6, 5, 4…


2… 1……..


……  |||| ……

…… |||| ……

If you can read this, you are now totally dead and cannot hear me. Sorry. I wanted to make you laugh.

Instead, I slayed


Dado My Play-Doh

Warm Winter jacket on

All my history

All that I was is gone

Can I see to it to love someone?

I’m good for that

Not “love” like laying flat, trapped, used, bruised, perused, hit, forced

I mean suffering of #1- my wallet


We here, me and wife, found

Her friend living where she is

Yelled at

Though we are Christian we do not say it. We show it. My wife’s friend stays with us indefinitely- a possibly terrible, foolish idea

But not for Carol (NRN) its escape from psychic torture. If you ask me, laws are broken in regards to things serious enough that you readers may know this much and not more

I’m retired, we are not poor. I feel more a part of The Grand Reality! Beyond games of church socializing, I live in soceity- MY society

My society is one of non stop gratitude on my knees to God that I was lucky at least for once that I’m on SSDI. I told my State (WASH DC) senator that folks on SSDI CAN IMPROVE SOCEITY in how they are abilified (Stokes n Groog Pharma pay me to type Abilify). Actually bits my idea

I’m going to call Merkley now, inform him of what we can accomplish in Disability Mode.

I am able to do someTHING?