Sufferage Of J

    I did not research other’s opinions on Job of the big Bible. I want to write MY impression as one who is diseased badly still after 40 years. Okay! Here we go. All the next I will state like fact. But you ask if it is right!

My Take On Job
Selected portions

Working from the end, the hurricane/ whirlwind could have been really a hurricane. I say it was a bona fide REAL metaphysical manifestation of a hell. An NDE from his disease + grief (adds to physical trauma. I know first hand.)

NDE is near death experience. Had Job died THEN he was seeing a “mockery of eternity”- an ancient 666. Make a spiral. That is chaos or vacuity. Three spins makes a six, six and six. It was an anti-preincarnate-christ. I mean, does a hurricane take you to heaven? No. Breaks you down to hell, sheol.

3 beautiful daughters.
From HIS wife?
No way.
He needs to make love, not cop with a death-matron.


Satan requests.
Do people pray to Satan?
Did people’s hate of Job manifest? Yes. And the sky, the wind? Yeah. I almost drowned once. The depth wants you. Water that is living gives life. H2O is carnal. Self willed. Like mankind, material fighting Spirit.

Job’s wife: “Why don’t you just curse God and die?” I know a woman 60 who married an 80+ man. She said, “why do you just not die?” Terrible.

     Job’s wife did not speak that so much as push that Job sin and reap judgment and perish in hell’s fire. Terrifying. Do WE say this? Some do. Its like if your son is terminal and you take the 16 year old to Thailand for “mercy love” from a paid gal. Its a sin. You are not making points with God there. Maybe you will not die. Maybe you die in spirit.

    Does anyone want to live without direction and value… to feel hell NOW, then go there later forever? I do not see THAT! Jesus said, in the writ:

Do not say in your heart who will go up, as that brings me DOWN (hell eternal) or who goes down (makes me up forever out of the grave). The word says if you confess I, Jesus, am lord (of lords) & do be believing I am risen YOU’LL BE SAVED.

So believe. Confess. Do what you feel is best. God is working.


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