A Man, Perfect

There is a time for everything.
A time to reveal what is true.
A time to admit our senses will never be the same.

I am glad as I grow older the perfect man will be there for me… and so many guys fear their friend is homogenous.
Don’t make me say it.
It changes how I see my purple fish called “Happy”. He is just a dopey Beta. But to me he reminds me of the simplicity of Alpha.

     Not Alpha male. Aleph Adonai and some very cool ancient words that I cannot recall that mean “holy spirit” in Hebrew but I am a bit of a goofball… what would I know? I am going to treat people like Jesus as practice until I get to see them. And be a super moral guy oh yeah super perfect like a car crash. But still I remember the silt of what has been said-

     Never underestimate the faith you now have in the Son
as it has been about two big Ms since the WORLD was won. That is 2000 years… do not fret over miracles and marvels as believable. The leverage of faith now to even pay any attention to heaven at all is inconceivable. Is this because there has been a final setting of the sun? What more WILL be done? What more, hm?


Poem Me Up

What have I become?
Not numb

The ceiling
Of the floor

Gone down
Than before

In heart
But not in

While “wandering”-
“Just what is the difference?”

A life now
Hard to own…

Even closer to home
And rows of souls

I am blown
Like dandelion spores
To a
Kingdom come

The Earth has
Long been won

But for one
It seems it
Only has just

Writer Thoughts I (Fr.: “penseés”)

I was thinking if it is possible for a number to be equal to two different sums.

I found if a= x/x, a would equal “1.0”…  yet if x= 0, then zero over zero is NOT equal to “1”… it is without definition.

So, because x/x = a, “a” is not just integers of course. Then a is variable. Like a big brother who is kind and takes the fall for you, a is flexible somehow without losing attributes.

There cannot be an “a”= -1
In theory.

However, if x is divided by x,
and, ie,  x= -3 gaining “1.0” every hour, you COULD get a negative “a” IF YOU TAKE THE EQUATION ITSELF AND WARP IT UP A UNIT AND DOWN A UNIT.

That is like your big brother taking the blame for a broken window YOU made, then having you be his slave for a month. The parent would be mad at him, but then suspicious why YOU are doing free stuff.

Then the parent calls both, commends the older, reprimands the young… kind of.

Math redemption.